Nokia E63 Memory Full – 4 Effective Solutions

If you’ve been using Nokia E63 for more than a year, you are likely to get repeated annoying notification that “the memory is full. Delete some data to send and receive messages”. Though you delete all messages, the problem does not seem to get resolved. This is very annoying because you can not do some basic operations like receiving and sending messages, with this problem on.  Here are a few things that you can do to get rid of this problem once and for all.  [Read more…]

Networkedblogs Vs – Which is Better to Link To Facebook?

This is related to your wordpress websites. If you have a website, in or .org and if you want a system where once you publish a blog post, notification for the same is posted in the facebook, then you have got two options.  [Read more…]

How To Edit Paypal Button? Latest And Easy Method

Paypal is a great tool to use to create your own shopping cart or to receive donations from worldwide. Once you set rate for your products, create button and implement on your website, you might want to change the rates, after sometime. Here is a step by step guide on, how to find the buttons that you previously created, and how to edit the existing paypal buttons that you previously created.  [Read more…]

Why you need to check your Gmail spam box at least once a week?

Gmail uses lot of criteria to determine if an incoming email is good one or spam. Those criteria include –
If it is auto generated by so as to conceal the sender email.
If it contains words like cialis, cheap rolex watches, viagra etc, repeated at many places.
If the email contains many links to different websites
If you mark some email as spam, etc.

[Read more…]