Got Caught Up – Margin Call Movie | Onion – Pronunciation | Finished The Book

I was watching business related videos in youtube and got margin call video cut scene in recommendation.  I watched the scene. I was so impressed that I watched the full movie (rented it on youtube.) [Read more…]

Book Almost Complete, No More Early Mover Advantage With Us

I did not put much effort today, a Sunday. Slept for more than 9 hours. Some of which are stored sleep for the upcoming hectic week.  [Read more…]

Starting A New Thing Today!

From today on, I intend to write my diary, online here.
Whatever I learn on a daily basis, about website, business etc, I intend to share it here.   [Read more…]

When Is The Best Time To Buy Car?

This post comes from my recent experience. I bought the first car of my life. Realizing its many benefits and how it has improved quality of my life and how all the members of my family are more comfortable now.. I just thought if I had bought this six months ago..  [Read more…]