Bharata: Land of Guru Parampara, Siddhas and Rishis

By Shashi Shriyan. Today let us learn something about our ancestry so dig into history. Guru Shishya Parampara: Guru is a sanskrit word for teachers, they impart knowledge, the most important aspect for an individual's growth. In days gone by, … [Continue reading]

Importance of Cow, Punyakoti Story, Strength of Truth

By Ms Shashi. Cow Mother - Go Matha: In India we honour our cow as Mother. Gomatha, we worship her during the festivals like Deepavali, Gopuja is a day, marked for her. … [Continue reading]

Ganesha Story – 2: Syamantaka Mani Story

Article By Ms Shashi. Namaskarams children, In my last article, we read that Rotund Ganesha, after a heavy meal, was moving on his rat (Mooshika) vehicle, stumbles and falls down. Ganesha starts filling all the modaks offered by his devotees back … [Continue reading]

Ganesha Story -1: Birth of Lord Ganesha, Ganesha Chaturthi

In this chapter, we learn about birth of Lord Ganesha, the real story behind Ganesha Chaturthi and importance of Ganesha Chaturthi.   … [Continue reading]

AIB Roast To Be Investigated? Are You Kidding Me?

I am staunch supporter of BJP. I love everything Mr Modi is doing for India (and to the world). I am also a Brahmin, a Hindu and take pride in being one. Recently All India Bakchod (AIB) aired a roast on two bollywood actors, which had offensive … [Continue reading]

How to Remove Meta tag from post and archive in wordpress

In most of the wordpress blog themes, the archive pages - such as category pages, as well as the posts will have author name, date published, comment count etc just below the title of the article or page. This info is called meta tag.  … [Continue reading]

If Shweta Basu Is Exposed, Why Not Her Clients?

Every news paper have been reporting Shweta Basu's arrest, with her name, her previous roles in flims etc. But what about her clients? How is this justified that she only gets exposed and her clients are not?! This is just half part of the story.  … [Continue reading]

Art Tips – Flowers Out Of Garlic Peel

Here is a quick demo about how to use garlic peel as petals to make a white flower. First make sure to cut the garlic skin into elongated, thin pieces. The length of its skin pieces determines the length and shape of the flower.  … [Continue reading]

How Kejriwal Has Tamed Congress Party?

Finally Aravind Kejriwal and his AAP have formed the government in Delhi. Now he can achieve development and curb corruption as he wants. He formed government with the help of congress. … [Continue reading]

Alva’s Virasat – 2013 – Pictures of Stage, Musical And Dance Program

Here are a few pictures taken during Alva's Virasat, stage function, musical nights, song and dance programs held during January 2013. Watch the glory and enjoy … [Continue reading]