AIB Roast To Be Investigated? Are You Kidding Me?

I am staunch supporter of BJP. I love everything Mr Modi is doing for India (and to the world). I am also a Brahmin, a Hindu and take pride in being one. Recently All India Bakchod (AIB) aired a roast on two bollywood actors, which had offensive language. But they had clearly mentioned in the beginning banner that it is offensive, not suitable for all sensitive guys and is not for below 18.

You cannot watch it now, as the 3 part series has been taken down.

I enjoyed the show very much. I laughed so much that I fell off my chair! But now, news is that the show will be investigated by the Maharashtra Government. For some reason, I am feeling as if, my worst nightmare about BJP is coming true, slowly but surely.

They used offensive language in the show. So is offensive language illegal in India? Can I not use offensive language while talking to my friend, if he does not feel offensive about it? Can I not use offensive language in my thoughts?

freedom of speech

They used abusive language in the show. The person receiving the abusive language was ok with it. So, can I not abuse my friend, as long as he is okay with it? Can I not use abusive language in my thoughts?

The prime, unspoken aim of BJP is to restore India backs to its cultural and religious glory. But hey, Kamasutra, Anangaranga etc are also part and parcel of India’s historic glory. These text books talk about sex, sex with multiple partners, etc;, all of which were / are not totally legal. But yet, there was freedom for creative thinking back then. So, are you going to go back in time and investigate the legality of these texts? Are you going to investigate Ajanta and Ellora sculpture? Are you going to put a veil on those pieces of art? Though there was some taint of illegality, it was allowed back then. So what is your problem now?

AIB had an audience, and they served to their audience. You felt offended with the show? There is always a close button at the top right, which you can click and watch a Bhajan instead. But why are you in odds with people like me, who thoroughly enjoyed the show? What if I want to enjoy shows like AIB roast and also bhajans of Sri Ram. What is your problem with it?

So, Government, are you going to tell me what is offensive and illegal in all walks of my life? Are you going to tell me how many times should I have sex? Are you going to tell me what words should I use or not? Are you going to put a filter to my mind, body and speech about its thoughts?

I wonder, if the government starts thinking in these lines, then what would be the difference between India and other countries like Saudi Arabia, Russia or North Korea.

Just because we are Hindus, do not force us to a line. I am a Hindu, I know what my line is and I will stand on it.  NO THANKS, I do not need your help with it.  Do not be an uninvited judge at my bed room, to my mouth, to my eyes and to my mind.

Let all the people in this liberal country have their own lines  and let them follow it. Do not even dream of taking away freedom of creativity. Please remember, you are the government that I have chosen. You are not my KING.

There is poverty, there is corruption, there is lack of education, lack of infrastructure, there are lot more issues that you should be concentrating hard upon. GO AND DO THAT. Do not try to put a lock on my brain, mouth and sense organs.

If you really want to make the difference, then make good movies that you like, tax free. Encourage those artists whom you like. Encourage them make cultural and religious shows that you like. But there will be some section of creative people who would want to explore other parts of artistic creations that you may not like. Just because YOU do not like it, do not ban it. Because, there are people like me who would want to explore such artistic creations.

Dear BJP, as long as you do not learn to mend your ways, your dream of winning the hearts of youth will remain unfulfilled. I do not want to vote for you because others are bad. I want to vote for you, because you are the best and because I love you!

Update: AIB team are cool about the video being taken down. It appears some of the team members were threatened to get hurt. Here is their explanation


  1. Great thoughts but my friend- Does Individual freedom means liberty to do anything?Absolutely no, India is a free country doesnt mean any tom dick or harry can break the law just because he is the citizen of India. Just imagine yourself as a father then would you like your child to be exposed to abusive language. I guess the relation betwèen Government and public is same like a father and a child. Its the duty of the Government to provide the best atmosphere for the citizens to prosper. Can abusive language be glorified…Why do you think the Indian Society prefers to keep topics like sex under wraps. Because such topics are not suitable for people of all ages specially kids. Government has a Censor board that routinely checks the content of the media. Its not the government but thd censor board who is supposed to take action. Such programs should be A rated and not aired on general channels

    • This program was not aired in general channels. It was on youtube, strictly for elders only. My child will not be exposed to such a thing because youtube will filter my child out, because it is an elderly content.
      This program is A rated and they have made it very very clear. At the beginning of the program only, they have displayed a clear banner saying it has some vulgar language used and is not for those who get easily offended.
      If two people are abusing each other and if both are okay with it, then it is not illegal. That is not breaking the law.
      Government of Maharashtra has released an official statement that they will inquire it. If it is not the government’s job, then why should they bother?

  2. I totally agree with you Dr. Hebbar. This is my worst nightmare coming true too. I didn’t watch the programme. But there are so many many more important issues to deal with!! Somebody tell them that.

  3. Thats very true….I too love BJP, but some ideologies of it like controlling everything of others life is not permissible. Certain things should be left for people to understand and take or leave. We don’t want taanashaahi like it’s in some Middle East countries…freedom of expression should not be taken away…finally we know what is right n what is wrong…we don’t want hitler raj…I totally agree with u Dr Hebbar..

  4. Uttara Ganesh says

    I too agree with u Dr. Hebbar. When the show had clearly followed all the right channels like showing A rated, banner saying it has some vulgar language, shown for closed audience and was strictly for adults, Government does not come into picture about such matters….
    When we say, we are grown up as a Nation, such matters really bring us back to the same question: Have we??