Got Caught Up – Margin Call Movie | Onion – Pronunciation | Finished The Book

I was watching business related videos in youtube and got margin call video cut scene in recommendation.  I watched the scene. I was so impressed that I watched the full movie (rented it on youtube.) [Continue reading]

Book Almost Complete, No More Early Mover Advantage With Us

I did not put much effort today, a Sunday. Slept for more than 9 hours. Some of which are stored sleep for the upcoming hectic week.  … [Continue reading]

Starting A New Thing Today!

From today on, I intend to write my diary, online here. Whatever I learn on a daily basis, about website, business etc, I intend to share it here.   … [Continue reading]

Story For Children – A Lonely Sachi

Sachi, 8 year old girl, was very good in cycling. She used to come first in all cycling competitions. This brought ego in her. She thought she is better than all her classmates.  … [Continue reading]

Sultanate of mountains And World’s only Hindu Sheikh

Usha Shinde Mountains ….. Mysterious, multicoloured and multi mineral mountains! That is Oman. My first glimpse to Oman was when I visited a border city called Al-Ain in U.A.E. in 2002. I could see the rocky land ahead at Al-Buraimi . The land was … [Continue reading]

Rishi Dhaumya and Pandavas

By Ms. Usha Shinde When did Rishi Dhaumya come into contact with Pandavas? King Drupad had announced the wedding (Swayamvar)of his beautiful and brave daughter called Draupadi. Hearing about her, Arjuna decided to participate in the swayamvar and … [Continue reading]

History And Significance Of Bhalka Tirth

Mahabharata’s great war was over, peace was restored and Pandavas started ruling the Kingdom. In spite of immeasurable human loss, common people were relieved from the turmoil. Peace and prosperity was slowly restored and life took its own speed. … [Continue reading]

What is Pure Love – Explained With A Story

You study various subjects in school and wonder why is there need to learn and study unrelated subjects, in case a student wants to study creative subjects then why does he need to study mind boggling mathematics? Similarly a student  interested in … [Continue reading]

Siddhas – Spiritual Sages And Their Life Stories

Gone are the days when the cock was the alarm clock timed with the sun's arrival on the threshold of dawn Cows mooing,birds chirping children already out helping mothers and grandparents. Smells of hot breakfast delicacies enveloping the house, … [Continue reading]

How Rama Setu Was Built? Its Importance

By Shashi Shriyan. Engineering expertise amalgamated with Metallurgical sciences were used to built bridges in those ancient times which stands to this day as the Rama Setu bridging India and Shri Lanka,it is a living example of their in-depth … [Continue reading]